Updated information

It may seem obvious, but it is not so obvious. Travelling because you like the place you see in the photos is not the same as entering the country. With all its customs, rarities and problems.

Many times we are unconscious to them because, at least in Spain, if you only inform you by what the news on television transmit you, you will only know a bit of Spanish and soccer politics. There is no news out of this.

For this reason, I find it interesting to know in what situation the country is to visit, these are some useful resources to find out:

Consult BBC World News or similar

If you do not do it regularly, I recommend that you visit international news portals regularly until the time of your trip. To know what you can find when you arrive.

Although you consult regularly, you do not know 100% sure what you can find. We, on our way to Sri Lanka, while flying over the Pacific Ocean, consulted the news of the available screens on board. At that time we learned that a coup was taking place at that moment, knowing it prepared us to possible demonstrations or altercations.

These are the international news websites that I prefer: BBC World NewsAljazeera World NewsCNN World News.


Consult local newspapers

Wherever you go, there is usually a newspaper in the region. This can be useful apart from knowing the socio-political situation of the area, also to be aware of the possible events and festivities that can be celebrated.

I do not put you a newspaper link because it could take years, but you’ll find information about local newspapers on Google.

Consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives updated information on different areas of the world, with recommendations for visitors with: important notes, security, health, currency, etc. From the place of destination.

Within this link, you will reach the Travel Recommendations section, scroll down the page to the world map where you can select the country you want more information about.


World's Meteorology

Another important aspect when you travel is the weather. With the webs that I recommend, you will be able to know the time of the whole world and even forecasts.

These are the web sites: