Best deals on flights

Finding the best deals on flights is relative. There are certain things you can keep in mind to find the best flights:

– Always look for flights in the incognito window of your search engine, why? Because every time you check a specific page looking for a flight on certain dates, you are giving clues to the cookies of what you are looking for. You will be raising prices whenever you search from the same search engine and in the end you will think: or I buy it or it will continue to rise; maybe it will, but to avoid every time you check prices keep increasing, enable the incognito window of your search engine and navigate calmly without worrying about cookies. 

  • – Always look as soon as possible, it is logical that the closer the date you want to leave, the more prices have risen because there will be fewer places left.
  • – Be flexible on dates, which is always said. But if you work from Monday to Friday, you can not do magic every day and go asking for a vacation to get the best flights. If you can do that, I do not discriminate anyone, I only envy you.
  • – Subscribe to the airline newsletter, apart from advertising they also send offers (usually on impossible dates if you do not have too much flexibility).


After saying that, I think that there are 2 ways to find flights to find the best prices:

  1. 1. If you know exactly where you want to go and the dates you want to go, you’d better search for flights and book as soon as possible. Besides, flights will not stop rising in price if you go regularly (remember to look for flights in an incognito window). But the search engines that I advise are perfectly useful for this option.
  2. 2. If however, you are a restless person, who does not care where to go while you can go to a place to change airs for a few days (aside from looking like me) I give you the option I most use to look for flights: Skyscanner. I also use eDreams, although the Skyscanner database also includes eDreams’.

I love the web, I can spend a lot of time checking and rechecking the offers there are. Also if you have no idea where to go you can give the option anywhere:

skyscanner go anywhere

You can also find the cheapest month to travel, or within a month, the cheapest days:

I encourage you to take a look, it’s worth it.

This website has been around for less time but I find it very curious and well done, of these, you can also have a good time checking flight results:

You just have to indicate a place of departure and dates to fly, the web tells you where you can go. You can filter by continents, price, direct flight if you require a visa, time and popularity. Use the Skyscanner database, among others.

I encourage you to take a look!