About me


I’m Núria, I am an aspiring Psychologist who loves travelling and learning new about cultures. I also enjoy doing sport and cooking (and of course eating well). Here you’ll find some information about trips and adventures, in which most of them, I am accompanied by my husband (Martí) and my dog Watu.

For me travelling means disconnecting, learning and discovering.

With this blog, I intend to deepen and collect (a little better) all the information gathered from the places I have been. So that I can learn, but also can give you some advice about some places to visit.

I have decided to share some of the things I have learned in my travels, but I would also like to help anyone who wants to plan theirs. So if you do not find information on the blog about a destination ask me, I have many trips already planned that I have not been able to do yet, but maybe I can help or give you some idea.

By the way: do not forget to comment! It will help me a lot to improve and understand what you prefer to read.