Get ready to go to Sri Lanka

Here you’ll find the information that you are looking for to get ready to go to Sri Lanka on you own. In the following post I will share with you the location of the places were we stayed and some tips while going around the island.

Before travelling

1. Buy flights

Isn’t it obvious? Sure, but if you are looking for the best deals I recommend you to start thinking about the date you want to leave or if you have a flexibility in dates. Check this out to get inspired.

2. What do you want to visit?

It’s time to explore the places you want to visit, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know if you’ll be able to go because of the dates. Just make a list, you’ll later deal with the itinerary. To plan it you’ll need the list and your dates of the trip so that you’ll be able to attend to as many places as possible.

3. What do you need to know before travellng?

  • It is a tropical-weather country, make sure the floods don’t ruin your trip. Look at the updated information article.
  • As it’s a tropical place you probably need to get vaccined against yellow fever, here you’ll find information related to Spain. If you live in Spain, go to a «Ministerio de Exterior» centre, it is free but in the hospitals you may have to pay 50€/vaccine.

4. Book your accommodation

As I told you in the previous post about Bali, I am the kind of tourist that looks for a guest house to stay. Even though we went to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon, I wanted to stay with local people so that I could meet new people and have really good recommendations about the places to visit.

5. Think about moving around the island

I am sure there are several ways to move around Sri Lanka. When I started looking at it I found that to move by train is really popular (if you ask google look at the typical pictures of the Ella train). It would have been nice to go by train but we had only 7 days to move around the island so I decided to rent a car.

I rented a car in Sixt because I thought it would be at the airport and it’s an international brand. It wasn’t at the airport but the personnel was really kind and helped us with everything. 

One thing you have to consider if renting a car is that you need an international driving license (it cost 10,30€ in Spain, click here for more information) and you will need an extra driving permit once you arrive in Sri Lanka (we were told that if you ask and pay for it in advance via Sixt, they prepare it for you). We didn’t know this last part so we had to spend our first morning in Sri Lanka in an office.


If you are planning to stay for less than 30 days you will need a tourist VISA, and it cost 35$. You can take it online or in arrival (there is a large cue of people when you arrive so I recommend you to have it previously).

6. Plugs

There are two kinds of electrical plugs in Sri Lanka: type G and D. Here you’ll find the adaptors in amazon:

7. Camera

Don’t forget your camera, you may also use a Go Pro as the weather is so humid that a more fragile camera may break due to the condensation.

I hope you find this interesting, If you have any doubts contact me, I’ll be happy to help.


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