Plan your best holidays to Bali

Here you’ll find the secrets to plan the best itinerary to Bali (for you) for your holidays! I have divided the information into several issues:

Before travelling

Even if you don’t know yet when to go to Bali, I recommend you to start thinking about it. Is it more important if you are far from the location, the cost of the flight increases with the distance. So, it is not the same to book a flight in November or in February for the next August. Take a look at this tip for more information about getting the best deals on flights.

Take a cup of tea and relax in front of your pc, it is time to investigate the places you want to visit, of course, I will help you with this later. Scroll down the page to look at ideas for your itinerary.

There are three kinds of tourists in Bali:

  1. Backpackers: if this is what you are planning to do maybe you do not need planned stay, you may skip this point.
  2. Families or couples with not a huge budget: (this is me) and maybe you. I strongly recommend you to book a guest house, you will be contributing to the local community and they will make you feel so welcome.
  3. Families or couples with no budget: I recommend you to book your room at a guest house, of course, you can book a hotel but it’s much more expensive.
Scrolling down, in the itinerary part, you will find some information about the places where we were hosted.

There are several ways:

  1. Bycicle: I do not recommend this option, roads may be crowded with cars and motorbikes, I saw bike riders in small towns or to move around one town, not in between them.
  2. Public transport: there are minibuses called «Bemo». If you want to move as a local try them, it is not luxurious at all and for long trips may be a little uncomfortable. Locals pay approximately 4.000 IDR (0,28 USD / 0,25€) but if you are a forgainer you’ll pay more. I found this page with information of its stops, if this is your choice you may find it interesting.
  3. Rent a motorbike: you can rent a motorbike anywhere, it cost approximately 100.000 IDR / 12h (7 USD / 6,30€). You should have an international driving license, but not in many places ask for them, it will be your responsibility if the police stop you and you don’t have it. You also have to make sure that the motorbike rented has insurance, otherwise, make sure you have a good one.
  4. Rent a car: I recommend you, if this is your choice, to book it in an international company (like Sixt). You can move around anywhere you want at any time, but traffic in Bali is chaotic and may be dangerous if you are not used to it. Moreover there are only right-hand-drive vehicles. You will need an international driving license, easy to get it in Spain for 10,30€. Click here to get it.
  5. Hire a driver: this is the option that we chose, we wanted to move around the island from one spot to another and then went a few days to the Gili Islands, so it was the best choice for us. We hired a driver called Trisna to move around Kuta and Ubud. The service cost 6 USD/h (5,40€), approximately 48 USD/day (43,20€). He knows the history and traditions of the country, so the long car journeys were nicer. Here is the link to his TripAdvisor account, he owns an excellence certificate there.
All this information is in Euro and US Dollar because you will be asked in USD there. Anywhere more touristy prices will be in USD (in Indonesian Rupees too, though) be careful because this tends to increase prices.

If you are staying less than 30 days, you don’t need to pay it, it’s free. When you arrive at the airport, there will be a passport control,  that’s it. 

If you are staying for more than 30 days you can buy the VISA at the airport. It cost 35 USD to be given in cash (USD or IDR).

I recommend you to visit the international vaccine centre in your country. You may need an extra vaccine for your safety. 

If you live in Spain, go to a «Ministerio de Exterior» centre, it is free but in the hospitals you may have to pay 50€/vaccine. Here is the link to book the date.

They use European ones, 220v. 

If you don’t use European plugs this adapter is the one we have and use it to go to many places, it has US, UK, AUST, and Europe plugs in one.

Don’t forget your camera, you may also use a Go Pro in the Balinese incredible beaches.

Now you are ready to travel, but before that, I will leave you our itinerary in Bali. Take a look, get inspired.
I’m not obsessed with schedules but before going to a more than two-day-trip I like to have a table with more or less what I’m going to do (I love tables).


First of all, to know what we are talking about, you’ll find the table with what to do in a 10 day trip to Bali and Gili.

All this ambiguous free time wasn’t really free time, I made a document to show my family what to expect from our time there:

This is the prototype itinerary that we used to inspire us while we were there, we didn’t follow it strictly and we added new things while we were there, in the following posts you will see the itinerary that we did, with tips about the places we had been.

I hope you find this interesting, If you have any doubts contact me, I’ll be happy to help.


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