Thoddoo I can say with certainty that it is the most heavenly place I have been. It is an island of just 1km in diameter. It has no resorts or large hotels so it is not full of tourists, which is gratefully appreciated in such a remote place. It is an island inhabited by natives who are engaged in papaya cultivation, can you guess who binged-ate papaya?

We stay at Relax Residence in ThoddooSuper friendly and attentive, totally recommend staying with them. We spent 3 nights in Thoddoo half board, including breakfast and dinner. I contacted them via Facebook and they answered all the questions I had without problems and made the reservation without paying anything. They also prepared the speedboat transport from Malé. 


We were at the beginning of November, and it was good weather. But we were recommended that to see the fauna in its splendour we had to return between December and January.


We left from the capital, Malé, by speedboat to the small island (in fact they are all small). Luckily for us, we sat in the front of the boat, error. When leaving the port we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, only the illusion of going to the new place. But after a few minutes, we arrived at the open ocean and the boat began to jump through the waves that were there, it turns out that the weather it maybe wasn’t the best of all to go by speedboat. The distance that separates Malé from Thoddoo is about 60 km, if we arrived in 1h 30min at the destination it means that although there were significant waves we were going at a speed of 40km / h, it is bestiality. And why was it a mistake to sit in front of the boat? Because we noticed all the waves: the waves were coming in front of us and we were going up and down the crests of the waves. When I fell from the top of the waves, I was afraid that my cell phone would fly, I had it on hand to record the moment but the result was quite bad quality.

The moment when we arrived on the island a car was waiting for us to take us to the accommodation, not too necessary considering the proportions of the island but it was appreciated. They welcomed us with fresh coconut, showed us the immense room and then accompanied us to the bikini beach closest to the accommodation, to locate us. What is that about bikini beach? Beaches suitable for women who want to wear a bikini, remember that they are Muslim.

As we had little time to explore the island, we booked activities with the Guest House itself, I explain what we did:


We spent the first afternoon on the bikini beach, resting a little. But the next day, in the morning, we went snorkelling in a fishing boat. Simply incredible underwater’s views in addition to wildlife: rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins and millions of colourful fishes.


At night, and as we came for our honeymoon, they prepared a lobster dinner on the beach, unbelievable detail of the house. They took us from the door of the accommodation to the place where we had the dinner prepared in a car of these used in golf. They took us along a path surrounded by palm trees and exotic bushes to the dinner table: we had rice, vegetables, fruit, lobster, grilled fish and a bottle of foamy drink. In addition the table was surrounded by candles wrapped in red paper, to give it a romantic touch, but when it got dark we began to see that something was moving around us, we used the mobile light and saw that there was an army of white crabs that did not dare to cross the candlelight barrier, until one of them, quite large, laid down a candle that burned the red paper. Faced with this panorama, and so that the crabs did not destroy the whole romantic preparation, we hurried to eat dinner.

The next day we spent the day at the beach and in the night we went thead-fishing from a fishing boat. We were taken by the same man who brought diving the day before and was the same man who brought us breakfast, a genius.


We started by pulling the thread with fish and octopus bait, to attract slightly larger fish. I stuck two hooks on the bottom of the coral, so I decided to contemplate the landscape, in the distance a storm was visible. After an hour we only had one fish! And they told us that we would have dinner with what we caught. The storm kept rising and getting very close. After another hour, we were still fishing, we were completely dark and there were lightning near us. Finally, we told the man who accompanied us that why were we not leaving, and he replied that we were the ones who decided when we wanted to leave, but we thought he was the one who controlled the times.


Then, we went quickly from there in the dark towards the port, and it was amazing: the waves that splashed from the boat shone due to the bioluminescent plankton, impossible to capture with the camera but absolutely unforgettable. When we arrived, they cooked the fish we had caught on the barbecue with a very good sauce on top.


The next morning we had to leave, and as we left early and did not arrive at breakfast, they brought us a platter with mango and papaya juice, and bits of papaya. As a curiosity, they picked us up from Relax Residence to take us to the speedboat again with the golf cart, and on the radio the song Taki-Taki sounded and as little as I could get to like, now I always associate it with the Maldives and that Paradise place.